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The “No Contest” mini EP is an eclectic trio of saxophone-driven songs overlaid with hints of jazz, blues, funk – and even a touch of progressive – but are straightforward rock at their core.

“No Contest” is available for streaming and download through multiple digital outlets via:

Direct download of the “No Contest” mini EP in the digital format of your choice is available via bandcamp and to be perfectly frank I would see a greater proportion of the proceeds and I would receive them immediately too (versus three months) as bandcamp sales are not processed through nearly as many intermediaries. Thanks!

Although the songs that comprise this “No Contest” mini EP and those of the forthcoming full-length “Asymptote” album are all instrumental pieces and all were recorded more or less contemporaneously, those of “No Contest” have a markedly different flavor so I thought it best to release them separately from – and, due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel and warehousing, ahead of – the “Asymptote” album.