The music of Quicksilver Night is probably best described as “distilled progressive rock” because it often incorporates elements of progressive rock such as exotic modes and composite meters but it generally eschews extended song structures in favor of a more concise songwriting style than is usually associated with the genre.

“Although I am deeply involved in every facet of all things Quicksilver Night at every step of the way the simple truth remains that I cannot – and do not – do this alone; I depend heavily upon the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends in order to bring this music into existence. I am immensely grateful for their support.” – Warren Russell

Quicksilver Night is guitarist/composer Warren Russell and a small but widening circle of musical collaborators around the world. Please see “Latest News” for the latest updates about ongoing projects and upcoming releases.

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Coming December 11, 2021

Featuring virtuosi from around the globe, the “Asymptote” digital album spans thirteen tracks total and every song on the album is a unique piece of progressive-tinged guitar-driven instrumental music with classic rock roots but, no secrets here, there are an additional four bonus tracks on the CD itself for over 72 minutes of musical mayhem on the disc!

“Into the Valley” digital painting
by RJ Hembree, copyright 2018

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Latest Release

The Galactic Edge

“The Galactic Edge” is an advance single from Quicksilver Night’s forthcoming full-length “Asymptote” album. Instrumental rock driven by the virtuosic guitar of Farzad Golpayegani, the song incorporates elements from multiple genres but its ambient atmospheres, progressive themes, and heavy metal flourishes all orbit around a classic hard rock center. Strap in and brace yourself for a ride!

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Latest News

... a closer look at this upcoming album The next paragraph is background information; skip to the one that follows if you like. It’s a known fact that I constantly ...
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Coming February 14, 2021!I approached Cara Isadora in February 2020 about singing the vocally driven songs of Quicksilver Night’s forthcoming full-length “We Are Also the Dreamt” album, a heavily prog-tinged ...
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“Into the Valley” 2018 by R J Hembree Photography 1.) I officially announced the full-length “Asymptote” album in May of last year – sixteen months ago – saying that the ...
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...All Things Quicksilver Night The year is effectively over – as is the decade – and I find myself reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for the ...
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As it says elsewhere on this site, “the ringing crystalline timbre of Meagan Finning’s voice can be found throughout much the Quicksilver Night catalog going back to the beginning…” Featured ...
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