Other Projects

Quicksilver Night Productions (QNP) is my music publishing and production company. I jokingly refer to myself as “First Among Equals” at QNP. As I have written elsewhere, although I am deeply involved in every facet of all things QNP at every step of the way the simple truth remains that I cannot – and do not – do this alone; I depend heavily upon the support of my song-specific collaborators and tech-savvy friends in order to bring this music into existence. Although I have admittedly found myself focused more and more on Quicksilver Night as a separate musical entity over the course of the past few years QNP is an organization with other recording projects under its umbrella. My personal roles vary project by project and from song to song but generally include songwriting, publishing, and production as well as performance. Please allow me to share here some additional QNP side-projects via the links below.