The Faces of Presque Vu

Set to be released on Friday May 3rd, Quicksilver Night’s “Presque Vu” mini EP is a three-song digital-only EP featuring the incredible guitar work of Jason Cale and the gorgeous vocals of Meagan Finning. The driving but melodic trio of songs that comprise the “Presque Vu” mini EP are rooted in classic rock with Celtic overtones and Gothic undercurrents. Watch for it!

The title track “Presque Vu” describes the sense of impending change, the feeling that some almost seen truth is about to make itself known. “October Skies” is about the sense of home as a place where one’s very bones seem to resonate with the landscape. “Homecoming” speaks to mortality and nostalgia when a return to a childhood home is necessitated by the death of a close family member.

The music will come to you very soon but I thought perhaps I’d share some pictures and biographical information here and now so you can put faces to the names.

The ringing crystalline timbre of Meagan Finning’s voice can be found throughout much the Quicksilver Night catalog going back to the beginning and was last heard on Quicksilver Night’s 2016 single “Exeunt” as she had moved away during post-production. Happily for us here at Quicksilver Night she’s back in her hometown of Newport News, VA now and singing once again.
Jason Cale is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from South Mississippi. After traveling the world performing all styles of music he now makes his home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Eclectic beyond measure and a consummate professional, he regularly performs throughout the region with different groups in various configurations in a dizzying array of musical styles.

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