Featuring virtuosi from around the globe, the “Asymptote” digital album spans thirteen tracks total and every song on the album is a unique piece of progressive-tinged guitar-driven instrumental music with classic rock roots but, no secrets here, there are an additional four bonus tracks on the CD itself for over 72 minutes of musical mayhem on the disc!

The four bonus tracks also come with the digital album at Bandcamp only BUT they are NOT otherwise available for download or streaming as part of the “Asymptote” digital album at other retailers such as Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, or Pandora because they were already released as digital singles. The “Asymptote” digital album at those retailers will only contain the 13 “Asymptote” tracks.

“Asymptote” is available at all major digital retailers to include the following:

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July 6th, 2022: I am immensely gratified to share here that Quicksilver Night’s “Asymptote” CD is now also available from Melodic Revolution Distribution at Bandcamp! My sincere thanks here to Nick Katona and company for their support.

If you were thinking of ordering a copy please do so from this link, thanks! >>

I am very pleased to include a link here to one of the few reviews of “Asymptote” online, by Jan Buddenburg at He gives me far too much personal credit in the guitar playing department – all due credit in that department should go to my various collaborators – but I am pleased beyond measure at his descriptions of the compositions themselves and I am very humbly grateful. Thank you, Jan and DPRP! >>

I laid down the bones of the album long ago and but it’s fair to say that we began actively recording tracks for “Asymptote” right on the heels of 2018’s “Symmetry” album. It’s been a long time coming however one might look at it; this figurative machine had a lot of moving parts to begin with and things were further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout, notably for associated travel restrictions and for the detrimental impact on warehousing and physical distribution of CDs. It’s here now though, in all its glory!

  1. The Chase – featuring Jeremy Barnes
  2. Dream Sequence Gunmen – featuring Nazim Chambi
  3. Ameles Potamos – featuring Greg Onychuk
  4. Emelya Durák (Емеля Дурак) – featuring Andrew Negoustorov
  5. Stare Con Te – featuring Marco Iacobini
  6. April Covenant – featuring Stephen Speelman
  7. Black Liszt – featuring Milt Gore
  8. Continuity – featuring Gordo Bennett
  9. Hephaestus the Cuckold (Remastered) – featuring Farzad Golpayegani
  10. Brookside Interlude – featuring Anne Epperly (flute)
  11. Quicksilver Drachenlied – featuring Milt Gore
  12. Trompe L’Coeur – featuring Nazim Chambi & Anne Epperly
  13. The Galactic Edge (Extended Version) (لبه کهکشانی) – featuring Farzad Golpayegani

    The CD itself also includes four bonus tracks: Mr. Wizard, Power Curve, and Parallel Play – each featuring Jason Cale on guitar – from the “Mr. Wizard” mini-EP (2021) and the song Lark (featuring Jeff Saunders & Jason Cale) from the “No Contest” mini-EP (2020). Although not listed as a featured artist on them I would like to add that Jae Sinnett provided the incomparable drumming for all four of these bonus tracks.

    “Asymptote” was recorded in various home studios scattered around the globe and brilliantly cobbled together by the indispensable Alex O’Loughlin at Sandcastle Records in Nashville TN before being adroitly mastered by longtime associate Borislav (“Boro”) Dimitrov at HiZ Productions in Los Angeles CA.

    “Into the Valley” ©2018 (front cover) and “The Calling” ©2017 (back cover) by RJ Hembree, Page AZ // “Hephaestus” digital painting (disc art and Spotify canvas) ©2021 by Farzad Golpayegani, Los Angeles CA // “Asymptote” album layout by Randall Lee, Syracuse NY

    All songs composed by Warren C Russell, ASCAP, with joint writing credits as applicable.

    All songs ©&℗ 2021 by Quicksilver Night Productions except the “Mr. Wizard” mini-EP bonus tracks which are jointly published with Jason Cale Music. All rights reserved.

    “The Galactic Edge” contains verses 1 through 4 of the Book of Genesis as read by astronaut Bill Anders while orbiting the moon on Christmas Eve 1968.

    Those words are still surfing the electromagnetic seas, sailing outward forever.