Mr. Wizard

Quicksilver Night’s “Mr. Wizard” mini EP is guitar-driven instrumental music powered by the amazing Jason Cale. Heavily laden with progressive elements, the three songs of “Mr. Wizard” rock in a classic vein colored by jazz sensibilities … blue notes and modal playing abound! “Mr. Wizard” is available for streaming and download through multiple digital outlets.

Bonus! If you prefer, you can purchase the “Mr. Wizard” mini-EP in the digital format of your choice directly from bandcamp and you’ll also get the song “Lark” – featuring Jason Cale on guitar and Jeff Saunders on alto sax – from 2020’s “No Contest” mini-EP!

Each of the songs that comprise “Mr. Wizard” were programmed to appear on the forthcoming full-length “Asymptote” album but restrictions on travel and CD warehousing caused recurring delays in the production of that album. Since all three songs featured Jason’s superlative playing – and since all three fit together nicely as a discrete unit of music – I decided to release them as a digital-only mini EP in advance of that album. I intend to include the songs of “Mr. Wizard” as bonus tracks on the “Asymptote” CD itself.

Jason Cale is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from South Mississippi. After traveling the world performing in all styles of music he now makes his home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Eclectic beyond measure and a consummate professional, he regularly performs throughout the region with different groups in a dizzying array of musical styles.

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Jae Sinnett is a top-tier drummer, composer and bandleader with a dauntingly impressive résumé that simply can’t be done justice in this small block of text. A native of Donora, PA, Jae currently resides in Chesapeake, VA and has recently celebrated 30 years as a jazz producer and host for NPR affiliate WHRV-FM 89.5 in Norfolk, VA.

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Jason Cale: Lead and slide guitars
Jae Sinnett: Drums throughout
Warren Russell: Guitars throughout and everything else, real or virtual

Recorded at Sandcastle Records in Nashville TN and Crabhouse Studio in Chesapeake VA
Jae Sinnett’s drums recorded at Master Sound Studio in Virginia Beach VA
Final mixing and mastering by Jason Cale at Crabhouse Studio in Virginia Beach VA
Produced by Warren Russell, Alex O’Loughlin, and Jason Cale

Original “Mr. Wizard” 2019 photo by Larry Ferdinande Photography
All songs composed by Warren C Russell and Jason M Cale, ASCAP
© & ℗ 2021 Quicksilver Night Productions, all rights reserved