October Skies (unplugged)

As it says elsewhere on this site, “the ringing crystalline timbre of Meagan Finning’s voice can be found throughout much the Quicksilver Night catalog going back to the beginning…” Featured on Quicksilver Night’s 2019 “Presque Vu” mini EP, “October Skies” is a song about home as a place where one’s bones seem to resonate with the landscape. The original version of this song was plainly rooted in classic rock but with clear Celtic overtones so we decided to record another version using more traditional instrumentation to try and accent these. This unplugged version, just like the original, features Meagan Finning on vocals and Jason Cale’s acoustic guitar but we stripped away everything else and added flute and bodhrán (an Irish frame drum). We then invited the incredible musician Jay Shenk to improvise viola over the entire piece.

Meagan Finning: vocals
Jay Shenk: viola
Anne Epperly: flute
Jason Cale: guitar
Randy Hagin: bodhrán

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Cale at Crabhouse Studios Hampton, VA
Music and Lyrics by Warren Russell (ASCAP)
Produced by Jason Cale & Warren Russell
© & ℗ 2019 Quicksilver Night Productions

“October Skies (Unplugged)” is available at multiple other digital retailers to include the following: