If I Got You (Under My Tree)

“If I Got You (Under My Tree)” is a light-hearted retro-swing Christmas song that intentionally harkens back the holiday albums of the 50s and 60s, even the artwork, charmingly sung here by the lovely and talented Chloe Wallace.

“If I Got You (Under My Tree)” is also available for download and streaming through multiple other digital retailers, including Amazon, Apple Music, & Pandora.




After a couple of seasons of discussing “maybe doing a Christmas tune” with singer-songwriter Kelsey Vivien and producer Justin Sunday – and then a couple more seasons of “we should record that Christmas tune we wrote sometime” with them – I just sort of went ahead and made it happen as best I could by gathering up some musicians, sending them the music, and booking a local studio. Here’s a picture of us outside that studio – then known as “Clay Garden Studios” – in Norfolk VA late October of 2016 after we finished recording “If I Got You (Under My Tree).

– Warren Russell, Quicksilver Night Productions
Left to Right:
Dennis Jay Holden-Northerner, Drums; Alfredo Cariño-Rosario, Upright Bass; Chloe Wallace, Vocals; Warren Russell, Guitar; and William Neil, Piano.