It’s been a long and convoluted process but it’s finally here! Featuring sublimely evocative vocals from the ever-enchanting Dikajee, Quicksilver Night’s “Ptichka” EP is nearly thirty minutes in length across five captivating songs of progressive-influenced rock music with operatic and madrigal nuances set on fire by pyrotechnic solo contributions from special guest guitarists.

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“Musically, Quicksilver Night remind me of the likes of Karnataka or Solstice. It’s very melodic, slightly folky, almost ethereal at times. The songs . . . grab your attention from the opening strains of ‘Monochrome Memories’ and don’t let go.”
– Martin Howell, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine (UK)

“This EP is nearly thirty minutes of original and stunning music . . . ‘Ptichka’ is a wonderful introduction to the music of Warren Russell [and] a fantastic introduction to Dikajee’s singing . . . The EP is full of deep, interesting stories that would benefit from a full album of coverage. I look forward to whatever they will do in the future.”
– Professor Mark, Progressive Rock Central

“The trio of guest guitarists were perfectly chosen to make the material shine and . . . production is flawless. As expected, the vocals are superb, as Dikajee proves she can be forceful as well as delicate and complex in her delivery, utilizing her impressive full vocal range. This was entirely worth the wait.”
– Nickie Harte Kelly,

“…a very varied whole where we want to stick terms progressive rock and art rock, but where we also dare to place elements from folk, symphonic rock and even classical music. In addition to the extremely clever compositions and arrangements, this versatility stands out enormously. Dikajee’s beautiful voice is the icing on the cake, although there are also very inventive guitar solos that make us end up on the edge of our seats time and time again.”
– Luc Ghyselen, Musika (translated from Dutch)

“…the ‘Ptichka’ EP’s five songs are like being lifted into the air, flying weightless over mountains and into Quicksilver Night’s musical universe . . . While the music complements the sound curtain in the background with experimental beats and different structures in a mix of rock, folk mixed with neo-baroque, [and] classic prog rock [but] when the guitarist kicks in with his delicious solos during the tracks, it lifts the Ptichka ‘space shuttle’ into weightlessness and elevates the musical soundscape.”
Stephen Rocky, Metalized (translated from Danish)

“…an eclectic styling of catchy tracks that have an interesting array of tones and textures. Gentle rhythms combine with intricate guitar leads and solos, giving life to the harder rock end of the sound, while the delicate vocals of Dikajee, whose sound varies from Folk to Neo-Classical, bring out the Progressive tones to complement the time and tempo changes that subtly dominate this EP. What you end up with is five songs that will entertain and intrigue the ears in ways rarely heard.”
– Kevin Lewis, Metal Zenith

“Latibulate (Video Edit)” at digital retailers everywhere on December 11, 2023!

The album version of “Latibulate” begins with an emphatically dynamic fanfare about thirty-five seconds in length and, as much as we liked it, we were unsure what to do with that section of music for the video. We therefore opted to begin the video edit of the song a bit more gently, starting after the fanfare and incorporating the sound of lapping waves. It was always my intention to digitally release the video edit of the song separately and prior to the release of the EP but things didn’t quite work out that way at the time. “Latibulate (Video Edit)” is available separately at all major digital retailers, including the following:

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“Ptichka” was first announced in December of 2021 as a collaborative single nearly eight minutes in length that we intended to initially release digital-only and later include on Quicksilver Night’s next full-length album but, in the manner of all best-laid plans, it didn’t quite pan out that way. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian-led forces in February 2022 and the ensuing sociopolitical and economic upheavals threw a huge figurative spanner into the “Ptichka” works. We eventually got things back on track and as we did the song “Ptichka” itself became the title track of what ultimately evolved into a discrete five-song EP.

Dikajee links her connection with nature back to her childhood, having grown up near Lake Ladoga in northwest Russia. Dikajee’s compositions draw inspiration from the progressive music of Kate Bush, Nightwish and Björk. Her pieces never stand still, driven forward by her own visions and the talent of her fellow musicians.

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Ptichka, released 9/9/2023:

1. “Monochrome Memories” featuring Marco Iacobini 3:31
2. “Ptichka” featuring Andrew N Project 7:51
3. “Nihil Tactum” featuring Andrew N Project 4:15
4. “For You” featuring Farzad Golpayegani 6:51
5. “Latibulate” featuring Andrew N Project 4:39

Recorded at various studios around the globe
Mixing by Alex O’Loughlin & Warren Russell at Sandcastle Records in Nashville TN
Mastering by Cefe Flynn Mastering in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Produced by Alex O’Loughlin & Warren C Russell

©&℗ 2023 by Quicksilver Night Productions, all rights reserved.