With heavily interwoven melodies and lyrics that address topics that don’t usually surface in popular music, “Reliquary” is an eclectic album of songs with a lot of the hallmarks of progressive rock – such as exotic modalities and composite meters – but it is music that eschews extended song structures in favor of a more concise compositional approach.

1. Ultima Forsan – “Quiet gears are turning, tick the moments away…”
2. Harlequin Domino – “…hammered cold, tempering without pain in the crucible of dreams”
3. Sojourner – “Marching on, cruel rebirth, sojourner on this Earth…”
4. Exegesis – “Bread on depths obscured, what do we dare bait? Sinking unobserved, hic sunt dracones.”
5. Nihil Tactum – “All the words we say until today touch upon nothing.”
6. Legerdemain (feat. Lavaman) ♫
7. Chrysalis – “The cold elegy of autumn’s butterfly echoes warm in spring rain.”
8. Leviathan – “Walking on the water, do you still fear the serpent underneath?”
9. The Juggernaut Caprice (feat. Farzad Golpayegani) ♫

The nine-song Reliquary physical CD comes also with enclosed digital downloads for Quicksilver Night’s three-song Lucent EP (Precipice, Lucent, and Again the Cusp) as well as the standalone guitar-driven instrumentals Navigation and Segerns Vingar, fourteen songs total. All five of these titles are also available separately at digital retailers everywhere.
released August 21, 2015

Dramatis Personae:
• Meagan Finning (née Smith) – Vocals on Harlequin Domino, Sojourner, Exegesis, Chrysalis, and Leviathan
• Al “Lavaman” Murdoch – Lead & Solo Guitars on Sojourner, Nihil Tactum, Legerdemain, and Chrysalis; additional bass guitar on Sojourner
• Chelsie Owens – Vocals on Ultima Forsan
• Christopher Lawrence – Flute on Sojourner
• DeVé Sherielle – Vocals on Nihil Tactum
• Farzad Golpayegani – Lead & Solo Guitars on The Juggernaut Caprice
• Warren Russell – Guitars throughout the album and everything else, real or virtual

All Songs by Warren Russell, ASCAP, except for Legerdemain (A. Murdoch & W. Russell) and The Juggernaut Caprice (F. Golpayegani & W. Russell) ℗2015 Quicksilver Night Productions

“83” original artwork (covers, disc art, & digital thumbnail) ©2012 by Farzad Golpayegani
Inside album art “Leap of Faith” ©2009 & “Faith Undone” ©2010 by Randall Lee
All Rights Reserved

Reliquary was recorded and mixed in Norfolk, VA by Justin Sunday for Quicksilver Night Productions except for “Ultima Forsan” which was largely recorded and mixed by Alex O’Loughlin at Sandcastle Records in Norfolk ∙ Additional Engineering throughout by Alistair Murdoch ∙ Produced by Warren Russell & Justin Sunday ∙ Mastered by Borislav Dimitrov (aka Boro) at HiZ Productions
all rights reserved

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