The “Symmetry” compact disc is poly/shrink-wrapped in a six-panel, full-color digipak with gloss UV coating on the disk. The digital versions of each song are available at multiple outlets in a variety of formats, lossless or compressed.

Although darker and heavier in tone than Quicksilver Night’s 2012 EP “Lucent” and 2015 “Reliquary” album, “Symmetry” explores similar lyrical concepts about the choices we make in the face of our apparent freewill and the consequences of those choices. This is not, however, a linear storyline nor is it even about a single specific character; this is more a series of vignettes in metaphor.

“Symmetry” is available as a physical CD and download/streaming via multiple digital outlets to include
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1) The Symmetry Overture – features Farzad Golpayegani on lead guitar. It is the album’s instrumental introduction, blistering and enigmatic

2) Atlas – features Jon Boylan on vocals & Milt Gore on lead guitar.
The weight of the world is on his shoulders; he took it upon himself.

3) Quicksilver Night – features Jason Cale on vocals and lead guitar
The quicksilver night is a fugue state, a desert fantasy that he tries to inhabit in escape from reality.

4) The Ship of Theseus – features Milt Gore on lead guitar. An instrumental named for a question of identity…

5) Buffalo Head – features the vocals of Jon Boylan & DeVé Sherielle.
“Horizons change with your perspective; lift your sight up from the grass at your feet.”

6) Invocation – features Jon Boylan on vocals. Why this ephemeral life? … And to whom do we direct these questions?

7) Talus – features Jason Cale on vocals and lead guitar. Each day erodes the cliff face, every decision a hammer blow on the sculptor’s chisel, exposing…

8) Child of Spring – features Mike Kershaw on vocals. He never expected to reach this age but somehow did despite the best efforts of his younger self.

9) Symmetry – features Jon Boylan on vocals & Farzad Golpayegani on guitars. Embrace the karmic fire and let it temper you on your way to better things; there must be symmetry.

(Additional guitars and backing vocals – along with everything else on the album, real or virtual – I performed myself, Warren Russell.)

released July 28, 2018

Quicksilver Night is composer Warren Russell (guitars, vocals, and everything else on the album, real or virtual) and a small but widening circle of musical collaborators around the world. The “Symmetry” album also includes – in order of appearance – the considerable talents of Farzad Golpayegani (guitar), Jon Boylan (vocals), Milt Gore (guitar), Jason Cale (guitar and vocals), DeVé Sherielle (vocals), and Mike Kershaw (vocals). I am proud to be associated with these fine individuals.

“Symmetry” was recorded and mixed primarily by Alex O’Loughlin at Sandcastle Records (Nashville TN) and Jason Cale at Crabhouse Studio (Hampton VA) with numerous individual parts recorded in various home-based studios. The song “Buffalo Head” was originally recorded by Justin Sunday at Berktin Studios (Norfolk VA). The entire “Symmetry” album, beginning to end, was mastered by Borislav (“Boro”) Dimitrov at HiZ Productions (Los Angeles CA).

All music written entirely or in part by Warren Russell (ASCAP) with joint songwriting credits also to Farzad Golpayegani, Milt Gore, Jason Cale, and Mike Kershaw as appropriate.

“SciFi Novel Cover” ©2016 by Markus Fussell at The HIVE Contemporary in Norfolk VA.
“Symmetry” album layout by Randall Lee, Syracuse NY.
All songs © & ℗ by Quicksilver Night Productions, ASCAP
all rights reserved

We plan to record and release two more full-length albums over the course of the next couple of years, the all-instrumental “Asymptote” (already in progress, watch for announcements) and the vocally-driven “We Are Also the Dreamt.” Both projects consists in equal parts of some new and exciting music I’ve been writing over the past two years or so along with a few songs we couldn’t quite get done in time for the “Symmetry” album. In a bit of synchronicity you’ve probably never heard anything from my 2007 demo but I recently recovered the original files for several Quicksilver Night songs from that demo and a few of those (such as “We Are Also the Dreamt” itself ) will fit perfectly into place on these albums. I am excited at the thought of bringing this music to you.