Whispers in the Snow

“Whispers in the Snow” is an enchanting story by Dark Beauty set against Quicksilver Night’s backdrop of original music and beloved classic Christmas carols, all joyfully ornamented by an incredibly baroque flurry of guitar by the incomparable Marco Iacobini.

In a small town nestled among snow-capped mountains, there was a magical place where miracles were known to happen every year. As Christmas drew near, excitement filled the town and the arrival of glorious snowflakes had an enchanting effect, transforming the mundane landscape into a breathtaking winter wonderland. The townspeople were filled with a sense of wonder and hope as they eagerly awaited the arrival of Christmas and the miracles that were about to happen.”

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I am also thrilled to note here that “Whispers in the Snow” is included on Power of Prog’s “Progressive Christmas IV”:

The track unfolds a magical narrative within a picturesque town, embraced by snow-capped mountains. Liz Tapia’s soulful vocals intricately weave through Quicksilver Night’s original compositions and classic Christmas carols, while Marco Iacobini’s baroque brilliance on the guitar adds a captivating layer. The song itself crafts a mesmerizing Christmas tale. Set in a snow-kissed town, the song captures the magic of the season, with snowflakes transforming the landscape. Amidst the enchantment, the character seeks a special reunion, embodying the universal hope and wonder of Christmas. The heartfelt lyrics, narrating a serendipitous connection, symbolize unity. Beyond a holiday song, it’s a poignant ode to the season’s spirit. With Liz Tapia’s vocals and Marco Iacobini’s guitar, it’s a delightful addition to festive playlists, inviting listeners into a magical world.

 – Ian Davies, Stargazer Music Magazine

Dark Beauty’s Liz Tapia is a lyric mezzo-soprano with a warmly smooth and versatile voice. Influenced by such performers as Anne Wilson, Linda Ronstadt and Inva Mula, her background in acting, production, and musical theater profoundly informs the cinematic feel of her work with Dark Beauty.

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Based in Rome, Italy, Marco Iacobini an excellent composer and arranger in his own right but, beyond that, is a next-level guitarist that simply must be heard to be believed. Fearlessly inventive and ceaselessly melodic, his playing lends a professional depth and brilliant polish to any song that he graces.

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Lyrics by Liz Tapia (BMI); Music composed & arranged* by Warren C Russell (ASCAP)
(*… Also contains music derived from traditional carols, including: The Twelve Days of Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Angels We Have Heard on High along with snippets of Joy to the World and Deck the Halls.)

Recorded at various studios around the globe
Mixing by Alex O’Loughlin & Warren Russell at Sandcastle Records in Nashville, TN
Mastering by Cefe Flynn Mastering in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Produced by Alex O’Loughlin & Warren C Russell
Released December 4th, 2023