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Quicksilver Night 2022-2023

Looking Back On March 16th I posted “I hit 2.3K monthly listeners on Pandora a few days ago and now it's begun to subside a bit. I'm fairly certain this ...
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Quicksilver Night 2021

Looking Back on the Previous Year and Ahead to the Next We released five new songs as Quicksilver Night in the first part of the year, two as standalone advance ...
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“We Are Also the Dreamt”

... a closer look at this upcoming album The next paragraph is background information; skip to the one that follows if you like. It’s a known fact that I constantly ...
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New Releases Early 2021!

Coming February 14, 2021!

I approached Cara Isadora in February 2020 about singing the vocally driven songs of Quicksilver Night’s forthcoming full-length “We Are Also the Dreamt” album, a heavily prog-tinged ...
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A Snapshot of Ongoing Projects July 2020

“Into the Valley” 2018 by R J Hembree Photography 1.) I officially announced the full-length “Asymptote” album in May of last year – sixteen months ago – saying that the ...
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2019 Year-End Update

...All Things Quicksilver Night The year is effectively over – as is the decade – and I find myself reflecting on the year gone by and making plans for the ...
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“October Skies (Unplugged)”

As it says elsewhere on this site, “the ringing crystalline timbre of Meagan Finning’s voice can be found throughout much the Quicksilver Night catalog going back to the beginning…” Featured ...
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Explicating “Exegesis”

Topical Then, Relevant Now … or is it? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.- (generally attributed to) Edmund Burke
Exegesis ...
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Non-Musical Elements in Song Production

The Word of the Day is "Ambience" 🙂 Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was perhaps the seventh or eighth album I’d ever gotten in my young life (long ...
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A Mid-2019 Update of All Things Quicksilver Night

You know, “Latest News” and all that… 🙂 The “Presque Vu” mini EP is approaching 80K cumulative streams on Spotify but the curve of that approach has largely flattened; it ...
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Personal Meaning in Lyrics

… A little bit about the songs “Symmetry” & “October Skies” by way of example. I sometimes write poetry but it seldom lends itself well as lyrical verse. When I ...
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Songwriter First, Guitarist Second

Good Music Transcends Genre Bottom line upfront: “Cool! Another Band is finally going to cover my music!” I’m sitting here looking at the nearly 80K Spotify streams of the “Presque ...
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Some Harmonic Perspective

Seeing the Forest for the Trees... “It was six men of Indostan
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant
(Though all of them were blind),
That each by observation ...
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Streaming & Promotions

Some Ruminations and a Recommendation... “It seems to me that older musicians can’t legitimately complain about the musical tastes of younger generations while simultaneously refusing to engage those younger generations ...
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“What’s Next for Quicksilver Night?”

Well, since you asked... Check out this excerpt of an amazing photograph “Into the Valley” by my friend Bob Hembree. An impressive vista, isn’t it? It was taken December 4, ...
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New Music! “Presque Vu”

Presque Vu, October Skies, & Homecoming Available at digital outlets everywhere, Quicksilver Night's “Presque Vu” mini EP is a trio of drivingly melodic songs, progressive but rooted in classic rock ...
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Nascent Echo

...An Oral History This is a picture of my good friend Al “Lavaman” Murdoch wearing a Quicksilver Night T-shirt as he wields his guitar in service to the Quicksilver Night ...
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The Faces of Presque Vu

Set to be released on Friday May 3rd, Quicksilver Night’s “Presque Vu” mini EP is a three-song digital-only EP featuring the incredible guitar work of Jason Cale and the gorgeous ...
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